You Are Not Broken

Have you ever been truly broken. I mean – down on the ground shattered in a thousand pieces, without the strength to even lift your head up to look for help?

Sometimes our lives become so mixed up and so out of control that it feels like we have reached the bottom and that things couldn’t possibly get worse. For some, this in fact is the case. For others, it is just so hard to see the light through the darkness that we can’t see any hope.

Just remember this, God doesn’t bring us to this point without giving us hope for healing. Not just healing but a full restoration through spiritual rebirth.

27 thoughts on “You Are Not Broken”

  1. khenz avatar khenz says:

    God doesn’t bring us to this point without giving us hope for healing.

  2. Mary Jane Manuel avatar MaryJane88 says:

    True! Been there🙂🙂🙂.. Just pray and everything will be OK.. 🙏🙏🙏

  3. janethwayne avatar janethwayne says:

    Prayers is the way how to cope up and deal with difficulties in our lives and that is true.

  4. Joseph Dungog avatar Joseph says:

    pray to God

  5. Jennycele Gujelde avatar Jennycele says:


  6. Prayers is my best medicine…. And Our Holy Communion is my best vitamins everyday…. that’s is our food for the soul…

  7. Marie Mae Alejo avatar says:


  8. Ricel33 avatar Ricel33 says:

    God don’t allow us to suffer a trial without a perfect plan for us..I been there so long but Praise God I’m coming out..m

  9. Elijah15 avatar Elijah15 says:


  10. Jessa Alfonso avatar JLDA1995 says:

    Prayer is the best solution for every problem

  11. charyl pallo avatar sheryl1122 says:

    yeah, talk to almighty GOD will help you!

  12. Maria Mendoza avatar freesignup says:

    Pray and do your task to reach your goal.

  13. P.J Genilla avatar Pjgenilla says:

    Have faith in him👆🙏🙏🙏….

  14. jose Vitug avatar jose says:

    nice article

  15. Marie Curie Oriel avatar 2565359247067646 says:

    Dasal lang talaga…may awa si Lord…lahat ng nadadapa ibabangon niya…

  16. Mona Abinales avatar Katrice0755 says:

    Faith in God is our Salvation

  17. Dennis Hatoc avatar dennis says:

    Hope, pray and never worry.

  18. Sy Ban avatar Sy says:

    Yes God is our Healer..

  19. Erikson Gratela avatar says:


  20. Terter Cutie avatar terter says:

    Always remember that dont listen to your emotions first. Because emotions can kill your mind. You cant think because of over emotions. Just take a deep breathe and start again. If you want to cry, cry but dont hurt yourself.

  21. Sherali Vega avatar Shera94 says:

    Prayer is the best solution because in every aspects in our lives, we all need God and our battles is not ours but God’s. God will fight for us.. Let go and let God!!

  22. Josephine Therese Bautista avatar Philosephie26 says:

    Don’t lose hope

  23. JamBaluyot24 avatar JamBaluyot24 says:

    God is always there to help us to heal and everything we just need to believe in him and always pray and asking for his forgiveness😇🙏

  24. Dhes Legaspi avatar dheslegaspi says:

    It all makes us STRONGER and BETTER.

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