Time Heals

Emotional pain cannot kill you, but running from it can.

Allow. Embrace.

Let yourself feel. Let yourself heal.

Feel it. It’s going to be hurt. But every moment you’re sobbing, you’re doing the work. For every moment you’re hurting, you’re healing. The only way out is through.

Once we accept that we are doing work, we can silence our internal critic that believes that feeling pain means we’re “doing something wrong.” Instead, we begin to understand that feeling our pain is important and productive.

9 thoughts on “Time Heals”

  1. Angelica Dagondon avatar sophia says:

    I agree

  2. Sherylyn Ching avatar edzlyn0316 says:


  3. Lloydie Obina avatar Ethan says:

    I agree

  4. Acer Wolfe avatar 10221842368473110 says:

    This hits home because I was recently reunited with a friend from a long time ago. It was great to reconnect with her again and we had planned a lot of things we want to do together. Sadly, last year she passed away due to a surgery complication. I felt numb because it was so sudden and I realized that I should have spent more time with her. But I knew that she’d say it was the quality of the time we spent with people we love that matters, not the length of it. The grieving never stops.

  5. Ja Reyes avatar jayson1509 says:


  6. Maria Teresa Olvido avatar Mariphia says:

    Yes sometimes it feels good to cry.

  7. Jessa Alfonso avatar JLDA1995 says:

    Very true✔✔✔

  8. rhys ann Dagami avatar 2921211304771989 says:


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