Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it is also difficult for other people, especially their emotional state. Because of the pressure that could give the festive spirit, whether you care for it or not. We think of Christmas as a time of getting together, but many people feel lonely during the holiday season, this could affect other people of having emotional state, it gives them stress and even depression.

Also, today everyone is under pressure to spend so much money. It feels like we are losing sight of the most important aspect of Christmas, by giving appreciating and doing service to those most in need.

Christmas is a powerful time for reflection. It is a time for kindness and joy. True spirit of Christmas is evidenced best in a generous heart.

And, just like life, Christmas becomes what we decide to make it. When we truly embrace the spirit of Christmas, with all its warmth, joy and love.

9 thoughts on “Spirit Of Christmas”

  1. Hindi Perfect avatar Kiei26 says:

    It’s December, the year will end so soon. ????????

  2. jayson lagrio avatar jlags says:

    sometimes, its not all about the gifts and events, but its about the gathering of everyone you love and reminiscing memories and forgiveness for a fresh start!

  3. Roselyn Embay avatar roselynembay says:

    Love your Family

  4. Irish Pio avatar Irinea says:

    My greatest joy is to be with my family in Christmas!

  5. Alliah Mae Pascual avatar amliampascual@gmail.com says:

    Just Love ❤️

  6. Liza Lazarraga avatar flordeliza17 says:

    Thats right .

  7. Liza Lazarraga avatar flordeliza17 says:

    For me xmass is only just a simple day .just like a family bonding every sunday

  8. Give love on christmas day… Also everyday

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