Money and Success

One of the reasons people often seem happier than their peers, it’s because of their success. In general, people who make more money also tend to be more successful.

This success that makes them feel good, not the money itself. The money is a mere sideshow of the real happiness.

Another reason of happiness, is the challenges involved. Those people who pushes their mental and physical capacities to the limit, and when they pursue something, fully captures their interest and attention. Not only is the hard-earned outcome rewarding, but the sweat put into making it happen.

16 thoughts on “Money and Success”

  1. Jane03 avatar Jane03 says:

    it is true that if you are not patient you will not be succesful in your life

  2. Precious Estria avatar Ronalisa10 says:

    Nothing is impossible to those people who’s have patient..

  3. Jake Calbitaza avatar 1443714829150243 says:

    Patience is the key to success????????????

  4. Ramie Marjorie Del Rosario avatar Sapphire28 says:

    trueeee.. nothing is impossible

  5. imme lou suan avatar immelou says:

    so true

  6. Aubrey Donayre avatar robert18 says:

    Yeah , achieving all the goal of your life is one of the best thing that you can tell of yourself that you achieve your success , the money is just the gasoline to fill for , to make it run, and arrived in whatever destination you want to be.

  7. Its true, d naman kac lahat nabibili ng pera… Nothing is impossible as long as youre not doing illegal.. Char

  8. elle06 avatar elle06 says:

    So true….

  9. GE Nu avatar Seanxianken says:

    Thanks for this blog, i’m learning

  10. Maria Mendoza avatar freesignup says:

    exactly, without perseverance, time management and patience, everything is just a dream without output.

  11. Josephine Vargas avatar Josie07 says:

    It’s true

  12. jojei canete avatar jojei30 says:

    soo true…thank you

  13. El May Ann Lorejo avatar says:

    true thanks for this

  14. Jayrie Mark Obar avatar jayrie1101 says:

    Love it 🥰

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