How much can you earn?

You can earn as much as ₱15,660!

Yeah! That’s true. How? Here’s your absolute answer as well as your ultimate guide.

Let’s start with “Earn while Socializing”

ActivitiesCoins Max Total
Daily Visit5yc15yc
Add New Friend2yc5001,000yc
Daily Login1yc33yc
Viewing Page1yc100100yc
Viewing Blog Post1yc100100yc
Viewing Shop Item1yc100100yc
New Stream Post1yc100100yc
New Stream Photo1yc100100yc
New Message1yc100100yc
New Comment1yc100100yc
Daily Total2,708yc

Next, “Earn while Playing”

Earning yoodily coins on games will be increased soon once the licenses of the games are fully paid, but for now, let’s just be thankful that it can still generate yc for you.

The average earning while playing using your mobile phone is 3yc then 6yc with laptop or desktop every 10 mins.

  • 3yc X 6 (60min / 10min) = 18yc in an hour
  • 6yc x 6 (60min / 10min) = 36yc in an hour

Daily Total at 2 hrs playing

36yc using mobile
72yc using desktop or laptop

Daily Max: 240yc

Next, “Earn while Watching”

This one is probably better than playing videos because you just watch and earn.

The average earning while watching video is the same as playing games, but at least time flies faster (psychologically) when you are watching videos:

  • 3yc X 6 (60min / 10min) = 18yc in an hour
  • 6yc x 6 (60min / 10min) = 36yc in an hour

Daily Total at 3 hrs watching

54yc using mobile
108yc using desktop or laptop

Daily Max: 240yc

Next, “Earn while Selling”

Earning from your classified ad even if it is not yet sold is a bit weird, but it is indeed can bring you some yc with a daily maximum of 1,000yc. We suggest that you join an ad listing group (with at least 2000 members) on FB and post the yoodily link of your classified ad there. Reminder, do not ignore the FB community standards, do not post the yoodily link multiple times in a day to avoid lockout.

Another thing, you also get 1yc per item when viewing classified ads of other yoodilians at a maximum of 100yc a day.

Daily Max: 1,100yc

Next, “Earn while Sleeping”

Finally, here’s the 5th way of earning. You just need to click the “Start Mining” button then turn off your device and you may sleep, that’s it. The mining income will be available in the morning at 7:00 am. You can earn up to 25yc on a laptop or desktop and up to 15yc on any mobile device.

Daily Total

12yc using mobile
22yc using desktop or laptop

Monthly Total

Now, with all five ways of earning you will have an estimated income of 4,310yc a day or 129,300yc in a month plus:

  • 30yc for updating your profile photo (once a month)
  • 30yc for updating your profile cover (once a month)

Plus 100yc as welcome gift (if you’re a newbie).

And more extra yoodily coins from:

  • Attendance bonus weekly: 100yc
  • Lunch bonus: 10yc (daily)
  • Merienda bonus: 5yc (daily)
  • Dinner bonus: 10yc (daily)

Therefore, your approximate income with Yoodily Community in a month is 130,510yc which is equivalent to ₱1,305.


I agree! It is very small compared to a regular salary, correct! But let me ask you, “How much time do you spend online? Are you earning at least ₱100 while using other social media?”

What if you will just save your ₱1,305 for 12 months, then you’ll have a total of ₱15,660. Sounds good, right? Especially if you don’t have savings.

Yoodily Community is developed to generate extra income and not for a regular job.

2020 Update

And NOW! with the new Offerwall & Special Tasks, you can earn more up to ₱20,000!

Coming Soon: Yoodily Piggybank!

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

Got it! Let’s do it!