Health Is Wealth

Most of the people give highest importance to Wealth in their life. They measure their success by how much wealth they have with them. But they don’t realize that wealth is not the most important thing in life. It’s Health. If you loose your health, you loose your happiness, you loose your wealth, you loose your career, you loose your peace of mind, and eventually you loose everything.

8 thoughts on “Health Is Wealth”

  1. HikariShinzo avatar HikariShinzo says:

    True. True success is measured if you are happy or not. Wealth is just a bonus.

  2. jonalyn cacalda avatar jonajona03 says:


  3. janethwayne avatar janethwayne says:

    Yes because if we are not healthy we cannot enjoy whatever we want in our life so to be healthy is a wealth indeed.

  4. Maria Teresa Olvido avatar Mariphia says:

    Yes, the health. Both physical health and mental health. I hope you can right something about mental health though.

  5. charyl pallo avatar sheryl1122 says:

    always goodhealth kong maaari

  6. Marie Curie Oriel avatar 2565359247067646 says:

    Anlakas makatama nito hahaha

  7. shamla diaz avatar 10158124246695127 says:

    Yeah it is very important that we are all healthy and not sick .
    prevention is better than cure as they say
    my mom always told me to invest in the natural food supplementation in our body to digest easily and renewing our cells as well.

    stay healthy

  8. Jayrie Mark Obar avatar jayrie1101 says:


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