Best Friends Become Strangers

I’ve believed that people have its own role in our lives, particularly friends and being our friends. Our friends and family show us how to grow and we have room to develop, no matter what age you are. The sad thing about that, is sometimes you no longer get anything out of a friendship and you have to say goodbye.

Sometimes we accidentally or intentionally hurt one another and have a disagreement that they simply can’t get past. It has a lot more to do with a disagreement. One person peeved doesn’t end a friendship. It has to be a great trauma. You can’t keep people in your life if you’re going to hold onto toxic feelings in order to be with them. If you can’t get over pain inflicted by a friend, it’s time to move on.

We lose friends from time to time. It doesn’t serve us to hold onto regrets and anger, nor blaming yourself for friends lost. Understand the falling out happened and move on. Sometimes friendships can be repaired years later. Other times, not. You can truly only do your best.

14 thoughts on “Best Friends Become Strangers”

  1. Feda Rivera avatar Fedapranlu says:

    Its true our friends realy help us grow, but sadly we dont recognize it.

  2. Feda Rivera avatar Fedapranlu says:

    Its true, we should recognize our friends doing effort for us they are helping us growing in a little thing in their own way.

  3. glarene7990 avatar glarene7990 says:

    always true

  4. Jake Calbitaza avatar 1443714829150243 says:

    Very true

  5. I fallin in love with my best friend and now we are strangers… So sad

  6. Jhun Christopher Gana avatar 3134564116572158 says:


  7. Lovely Ruth Suruiz avatar 707039319702379 says:

    Yeah it was all true friends become strangers if you have no money or sometimes they are not needed you. That was very sad to say but it was really true based from my experiences before.

  8. John Patrick Apilado avatar 2572777349671792 says:

    Its true

  9. JOe BErt avatar says:


  10. Queenie Dianne Yulip avatar queenied20 says:

    People come and go, sad but true.

  11. kimathynza avatar kimathynza says:

    And i don’t understand why we had a fall out..

  12. Ja Reyes avatar jayson1509 says:


  13. Mary Eileen Baracao avatar eilove25 says:

    Love it!

  14. avatar says:

    relate much

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