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When Money Is Scarce

Money is important for you to live, alongside with the bunch of things vital for your survival. However, there are circumstances that you don’t have enough of it. Let it not break you but inspires you to achieve more. Moreover, you should not confuse money as everything in life because it is just one of the important things that make your world go round. Money is one of the most prominent things most people deal with daily, but it becomes especially problematic when there is a lack and it can go as deep as being described as the cause of poor health and destroyer of marriages and friendships. To clear things up, first of all, it all depends on what you value, what you value can come in many forms. Abundance doesn’t only come with money but true abundance comes also from having the things you value such as your family, friendships, joy, happiness, adventure, career, pets, etc. The second thing is that money is just another form of energy that you can learn to work with. Third, the way you feel about money can also determine the energy that will either keep you broke or satisfied in life. When you have negative feelings and condemn money, chances are you will continue to feel that way and you will suffer from your negativity. But if you learn to see it in a more positive way such as seeing it as a tool that can help you and others, then you can live a more meaningful and happier life. In this world, you can see unhappy wealthy people with tons of money and you can see very happy people with very little money they possess.